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How to pack and what to wear – Toronto weather guide

How to pack and what to wear – Toronto weather guide

How to pack and what to wear – Toronto weather

Toronto has four seasons that vary in weather. It’s a wonderful city to visit any time of year. So what to expect in each season. In general terms, you’ll find July is the hottest month and January is usually the coldest. Well, winter in Canada is freezing anyway, so pack correctly.

The first signs of winter appear by early December.

Winter is low season for visitors so you can find great deals for hotels and numerous good theater tickets.

Temperatures range from around -10 degrees Celsius to about 4 degrees Celsius. So pack warm clothes and a hat and gloves.

Actually, winters are not that cold as they used to be some decades ago. It’s normal that on holiday season there is little or no snow on the ground.

By March, spring is in the air. The transition to more outdoor life starts from here. Temperatures can vary from below zero in early March to 25 degrees in June.

Spring is an excellent time to visit Toronto. The weather starts to get warmer and typically a light jacket is enough.

Baseball season starts in April. Patio season at many restaurants begins in May.

Temperatures range from around 10 degrees early in the summer to close to 30 degrees. Humid days with temperatures well over 30 degrees are possible.

Summer is time for festivals, exhibitions, sporting, and running events among others.

Weather is beautiful in September and early October, usually only a little rain and decent temperatures.

The leaves start to turn in mid-October, and fall can be felt in the air.

Temperatures range from around 21 degrees to -6 degrees Celsius at the end of the season.

Early Fall you need to wear a jacket, but there is no need to bundle up really.

Later in the season, you need to have warmer clothes, but September and October can still be fine times to visit the area.